Fundraising Opportunities

Churches, Schools, Youth Activity Groups, Charity Organizations

Retail value of “Express Car Wash Card” – $35
(5) – Express Car Wash Coupons


Contact Information
Please Call (317)773-0341
A 48-hour notice is required before
the savings books can be picked-up.

Your organization sets the selling price
Most organizations sell the savings book for $25-$35 each. Your buyer will enjoy saving money as well as helping your organization.

Your cost for each savings book is only $15 – Minimum order of 50 or more books required
Sell them at your own price (retail $35) and keep the profits!

Your organization only pays for the passes you sell. Return the passes you don’t sell for a full refund.

Easy method of certificate control
Each certificate has its own serial number so your organization can keep track of assigned certificates.